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About HUR

Racing is not a hobby, it’s a way of life.

At HUR we feel that Racing is a big part of what makes a lot of us crazy gear heads who we are.

This site is built for the people with oil in their veins, Torque in the heart and Hp on the mind. 

If tearing up your weekend warrior or building a competive piece of art, we want to be there with you at the podium.

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Who is HUR?

We are a go fast shop started and ran by people looking to simply go even faster.

 Hooked Up Racing was born to try and keep The average person in the drivers seat. 

Hooked Up Racing is place to see what’s new, what works and purchase the products that will help you grow your racing dreams.

Sadly unless you have a million dollars in the bank, competative Racing is out of reach for a lot of people who honestly, just need that opportunity to shine. 

Far to many people go bankrupt for that one chance to be noticed. 

Hooked up Racing can offer an opportunity for all levels of racers to get themselves out there in the eyes of potential sponsors and allowing companies the chance to polish the hidden gems that are not getting the attention that they deserve.


Our Quality Guarantee

Hooked Up Racing only sources parts from reputable brands to ensure that your battleship is always ready for combat.


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